Taylor Swift Praised for Her Effort to Learn Football After Dating Travis Kelce
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The 'Blank Space' singer impresses her boyfriend's NFL teammate for asking the right questions as she's keen to learn football amid her relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end.

AceShowbiz - Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has revealed that pop star Taylor Swift, who is dating his teammate Travis Kelce, has developed an impressive understanding of football since their relationship began.

According to Mahomes, Swift's keen interest in the sport is evident in her ability to analyze plays and ask insightful questions. "It's almost like she's trying to become a coach," he said in a Time 100 profile interview.

Swift's presence at Chiefs games has significantly boosted the team's global exposure, particularly through her vast fanbase. Mahomes attributes the team's transition from a nationwide to a worldwide phenomenon to Swift's influence.

Despite initial concerns that Swift's celebrity status could be a distraction, Mahomes and the Chiefs have embraced the attention. "We just embraced it," Mahomes explained. "We like having that visibility."

Mahomes also praised Swift for her tireless work ethic. "She's never not working," he said. "Even when she's taking her downtime, she's working on something."

Swift's impact extends beyond the field, as she has forged close relationships with players like Mecole Hardman and Mahomes' wife, Brittany. Her presence has contributed to a positive atmosphere within the team, helping to make football more accessible and enjoyable.

While some critics may view Swift's involvement as a novelty, Mahomes believes her genuine interest in the sport has had a meaningful impact on the Chiefs. "This year really magnified that," he said. "We didn't let other people's outside noise affect us."

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