Sofia Vergara Grosses Out Heidi Klum on Set of 'America's Got Talent'

Rumor has it, the 'Griselda' actress gets on Heidi's nerves on the set of 'AGT' by making a 'big show' of eating as fellow female judge maintains a strict diet.

AceShowbiz - Despite their seemingly close on-air relationship, sources claim that "America's Got Talent" judges Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum do not get along as well as they portray. According to RadarOnline insiders, their contrasting eating habits create tension between them.

Vergara, known for her curves and love of pasta dishes, reportedly makes a "big show" of eating, which reportedly grosses out Klum, who maintains a strict diet. Klum, a former supermodel, reportedly "diets most of her life" and limits her food intake to "raw veggies and fruit."

"They don't have much in common besides their jobs on America's Got Talent and don't share the same tastes in style, mannerisms, and especially food!" said a source.

Despite the tension, sources claim that Vergara and Klum play nice for the camera and present a false sense of friendship.

In a recent interview, Klum revealed that she was "upset" with Vergara for not giving her a role in her Netflix limited series, "Griselda," in which Vergara played a Colombian drug lord. Klum joked that she could have been a non-speaking cousin or an extra in the series.

However, Klum emphasized that there are no hard feelings between them and that they remain close friends. "I always have dinners with Sofia or go to her house and, you know, we do, like, girly things together," Klum said.

Vergara has also spoken out about their friendship, stating that they take care of each other on long production days. "We look at each other and it's like, 'You need more lipstick,' or, 'Your hair is not right,' We're always taking care of each other," Vergara said.

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