Kash Doll Reveals Specific Reason Behind Rebranding

The hip-hop artist and actress, whose real name is Arkeisha Antoinette Knight, reveals the reason why she wants to change her name by dropping 'Doll' in her moniker.

AceShowbiz - American rapper and actress Kash Doll, whose real name is Arkeisha Antoinette Knight, is undergoing significant changes, including a stage name switch.

During an appearance on "Way Up With Angela Yee", Kash Doll revealed that she plans to rebrand, influenced by her pregnancy with her second child and her desire for a more mature image. The "Ice Me Out" hitmaker feels that the moniker "Kash Doll" has become overused and comparisons to other female rappers with similar stage names have become unavoidable.

Kash Doll explained that she is considering "The Last Doll" for her upcoming album, but ultimately plans to retire the "Doll" moniker. She hopes to pass it on to her future daughter. "I'm juggling between a few things," she said. "I was going to say The Last Doll, and it means so much, right? Like I think I'ma leave the 'doll' stuff alone. I think I'm going to give it to my child, hopefully it's a girl. I'ma go ahead and pass that down."

When asked about her new stage name, Kash Doll stated, "Keisha. I'm a grown woman with two kids, I don't want to be called a doll no more." She added, "And then it's so many dolls. Shout out to them, y'know what I'm saying, but it's like every time my name is brought up, it's like, 'Who's the best doll?' "

The Detroit native has collaborated with artists like Meek Mill, Big Sean and Iggy Azalea. Her debut album, "Stacked", was released in 2019.

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