Jeezy Fights for Primary Custody of Daughter Monaco, Accuses Jeannie Mai of Staging Gun Photo
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The 'I Luv It' rapper claims his ex's extensive travel schedule is too much for their 2-year-old daughter and that he doesn't know where the TV personality lives with their daughter since she left their marital home.

AceShowbiz - Jeezy (formerly Young Jeezy) is fighting Jeannie Mai for primary custody of their daughter Monaco. The rapper is asking a judge to toss out the current custody and parenting time arrangement he hashed out in mediation with his estranged wife and requesting that his daughter be allowed to live with him full-time.

In his motion filed on Wednesday, April 10 and obtained by, Jeezy accuses his ex of staging a photo of their child with one of his guns to make it look like she's unsafe around him. "There has not been a single incident with his firearms and the parties' minor child," he argues.

The rapper, who agreed to move to the basement amid their breakup, adds, "At no times relevant hereto has the minor child had the ability to wander into the basement in the Marital Residence because there was a gate to keep the toddler from doing so, and the minor child was monitored at all times."

The 46-year-old goes on to allege that Jeannie or her brother "staged" a photo of their child near his gun. "There were only two (2) other adults in the marital residence - the Respondent and her brother. Apparently, when the Petitioner was staying in the basement, either the Respondent or her brother went into the bedroom where the Petitioner was staying and took a photograph of the Petitioner's firearm while the Petitioner was in the shower," his motion reads.

"On a different occasion when the Petitioner was leaving the Marital Residence, he sat the bag down at the door before he left to go upstairs to get a hat. In that moment, the Respondent 'staged' a scene by placing the parties’ 2-year-old daughter next to the bag and took a photograph," Jeezy further claims.

He insists he "knows" Mai "staged this scene because the minor child is never left by the door of the home and never left unmonitored," claiming, "The only way that the minor child would have been by the door is that she would have had to be placed there by the Respondent."

Jeezy says Jeannie later moved out of their family home and took their daughter with her. He has since had no idea where Jeannie and their daughter live, claiming that the TV personality has withheld his parenting time with the toddler for nearly 2 months.

"When the Petitioner sent his caretaker to California on April 2, 2024, to pick up the parties' minor child from the Respondent, the caretaker received a text message from the Respondent that she would not be turning over the parties' minor child because the Petitioner owns firearms," the docs read.

He says he learned Jeannie "had vacated" her California home, "completely, with no notice" from the caretaker's visit, charging that "to date, the Petitioner does not know where the Respondent is living with the parties' minor child."

Jeezy also argues that Jeannie's extensive travel schedule is too much for their kid and that she has tasked her brother and mother with the majority of the care of Monaco. "It is not good for a 2-year-old child to travel extensively," his motion states. Jeezy believes their daughter "would have more stability if the Petitioner had primary physical custody," adding she needs to "maintain her bond with both parents."

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