Tish Cyrus and Dominic Purcell's Marriage 'on the Line' Due to Noah Drama

The relationship between Miley Cyrus' mom and her new husband allegedly hit a rough patch amid rumors of his past romance with Tish's youngest daughter Noah.

AceShowbiz - Tish Cyrus and Dominic Purcell's marriage is reportedly on the rocks due to ongoing drama surrounding Tish's daughter, Noah Cyrus, an exclusive source tells In Touch.

Purcell "hasn't been happy' with the scrutiny and drama surrounding his relationship with Tish and his past with Noah. He never expected his past encounters with Noah to become public knowledge.

Noah's alleged past relationship with Purcell was first reported by Us Weekly in February. The magazine's source confirmed that Noah was dating Purcell when Tish began pursuing him, adding that Tish was aware of their involvement.

The subsequent public chatter has taken a toll on Purcell's marriage to Billy Ray Cyrus' mother. Purcell reportedly dislikes the negative attention and the problems it has caused, leading some to speculate about the future of their marriage. "Some of his friends say their marriage could be on the line because of it," a source said.

Despite his frustrations, Purcell is reportedly still committed to the relationship. However, some insiders believe that Purcell's financial situation, which is not as stable as people think, could have influenced his decision to stay.

Tish, who divorced Billy Ray Cyrus in 2022, reportedly adores Dominic and believes he is the "man of her dreams." She is not willing to give up on their relationship.

Tish has acknowledged the "issues" in her marriage, particularly her sensitivity to Purcell's bluntness. However, she has taken steps to improve communication and avoid taking things personally.

The couple's relationship progressed rapidly, with Tish and Purcell exchanging "I love yous" after their first date in 2022. They married in August 2023, with Tish's children Miley Cyrus, Trace, and Brandi in attendance. However, Noah and Braison Cyrus did not attend the wedding.

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