Amy Schumer Celebrating After Hiring Sleep Coach to Help Resolve Son's Bedtime Issues
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The 'Trainwreck' actress is ecstatic after finally being able to get some sleep as her son's sleep issues have been resolved with the help of a professional consultant.

AceShowbiz - Comedian Amy Schumer has celebrated regaining restful nights after seeking professional help for her 4-year-old son Gene's sleep issues. In an Instagram post, Schumer expressed her gratitude to sleep consultant Jessica Berk of Awesome Little Sleepers for creating a successful bedtime routine for Gene.

Schumer emphasized that her post was not an advertisement, but rather a genuine recommendation for those in need. "We got our nights back," she wrote. "She seriously saved us."

Since welcoming Gene in 2019, Schumer has candidly shared both the joys and challenges of motherhood. "Being his mom is heaven on earth," she said, "but it also brings constant guilt and vulnerability."

Berk's sleep coaching method, detailed in her digital course "Sleep Tight Without a Fight," has reportedly helped numerous families establish effective nighttime routines for their children. Schumer's son now goes to sleep three hours earlier each night, significantly improving her and her husband Chris Fisher's sleep quality.

Schumer's openness about her son's health and parenting experiences has resonated with many followers. She has previously shared Gene's hospitalization for RSV and made light-hearted posts about the often silly moments of parenthood.

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