DDG Fires Back at Podcaster Elijah Schaffer for Calling Halle Bailey 'Ugly' and Likening Her to E.T.
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The rapper is praised for defending his girlfriend although he drags the right-wing commentator's deceased mom after Elijah attacks the 'Little Mermaid' actress' appearance.

AceShowbiz - DDG may not be a perfect man, but he surely will stand up for his loved ones, especially Halle Bailey. The rapper has defended his girlfriend after Elijah Schaffer attacked the singer/actress' appearance, comparing her to E.T.

On Saturday, March 2, Elijah took to his X, formerly Twitter, account to criticize Hollywood stars these days. "When exactly did Hollywood become flooded with ugly people?" he wrote. In a separate tweet, he penned, "The new Little Mermaid actress," along with a photo of E.T., seemingly comparing Halle to the fictional character.

After other users noticed Elijah's tweets, they found an image of the podcaster's mother and shared it online, with many calling his mom "ugly." Elijah clapped back, saying that she was suffering from a disease that altered her appearance.

Catching wind of the chatter, DDG also used the photo of Elijah's mother to fire back at him. "I'm smokin on yo dead a** mama. That dumb b***h should've got a better doctor LMFAO @ElijahSchaffer," the YouTuber wrote while retweeting a picture of Elijah and his mother.

The father of one also posted a selfie of him smoking a blunt with an image of the head of Elijah's mom photoshopped onto the burning end of it. "Ngl this s**t gas," he captioned it.

Instead of facing backlash like he often did with his previous posts, DDG has been praised by fans for defending Halle against the harsh comments. "He did right!! Don't come for our culture unless you ready for all of us," one person said of the 26-year-old rapper.

Another commented to DDG's post, "putting the mama's picture in the blunt is diabolical....I love it." A third remarked, "If my man ain't coming behind me like this ion want em!"

Another defended the "Moonwalking in Calabasas" emcee as claiming, "DDG is innocent. People need to learn who to mess with and who not to mess with. Puff puff pass." A fifth echoed the sentiment as saying, "Well, I mean, your man should defend you."

Meanwhile, in his defense, Elijah said, "I called myself ugly in the post too. Most people aren't attractive. Everyone's just lying to each other." He went on arguing, "The post said nothing about her skin color so people crying about racism are just professional victims. It's her eye distance - people triggered by the ET joke are trippin."

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