Mia Goth Insists 'MaXXXine' Extra Consented to Her 'Acts' on Set Following Abuse Allegation

The 'Suspiria' actress has responded to the lawsuit launched by a background actor on her newest movie, insisting she neither intentionally kicked nor mocked him.

AceShowbiz - Actress Mia Goth has denied allegations that she intentionally kicked a film extra in the head and belittled him during the filming of her upcoming horror film, "MaXXXine".

According to a lawsuit obtained by RadarOnline, an extra named James Hunter claimed that Goth, director Ti West, and A24 conspired to injure him. Hunter alleges that Goth kicked him in the head during a late-night shoot while he was in a vulnerable and immobile position as part of a scene.

Hunter further alleges that Goth taunted and mocked him after the incident and that the fake blood used in the scene caused him pain when he tried to remove it. He claims that he was later diagnosed with a concussion and was subsequently removed from the set.

In her response to the lawsuit, Goth denies all allegations, claiming that Hunter had consented to the actions and that any injuries he sustained were not caused by her. She argues that the lawsuit should be dismissed and that she should be awarded attorney fees.

The lawsuit also seeks damages for battery and wrongful termination, with Hunter demanding $500,000 in compensation. The director and production company, A24, have also denied any wrongdoing.

A judge has yet to rule on the lawsuit.

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