Emily Blunt Denies Screaming at Rebecca Ferguson, Dwayne Johnson Stands Up for 'Dune' Star
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A representative for the 'Mary Poppins Returns' actress stresses that 'there's nothing but love' between the British actress and her 'The Girl on the Train' co-star, who slammed an unnamed 'idiot' co-star for screaming at her.

AceShowbiz - Emily Blunt has denied being that "idiot" actor who shouted at Rebecca Ferguson (II). A representative for the "A Quiet Place" star has squashed speculation that she's the unnamed co-star who made the "Dune" star cry on set.

Speculation surfaced online that it could be the wife of John Krasinski who Ferguson mentioned during her appearance on the "Reign with Josh Smith" podcast. The two actresses starred together in 2016's "The Girl on the Train". However, Blunt's rep was quick to shut down the rumor, telling Daily Mail on Wednesday, February 28, "Rebecca and Emily are friends and there's nothing but love between them."

Meanwhile, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who starred alongside Ferguson in 2014's "Hercules", has stood up for his co-star. "Hate seeing this but love seeing her stand up to bulls**t," he wrote underneath a clip of her interview, which he reposted on X, formerly Twitter, on Wednesday.

"Rebecca was my guardian angel sent from heaven on our set, I love that woman," the 51-year-old wrestler-turned-actor added. "I'd like to find out who did this."

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Tweet

Dwayne Johnson supported Rebecca Ferguson after she spoke of an 'idiot' co-star who screamed at her.

Rebecca spoke up on her bad experience working with an "idiot" co-star during an interview on "Reign with Josh Smith". The 40-year-old shared, "I remember there was a moment and this human being was being so insecure and angry because this person couldn't get the scenes out."

The Swedish actress continued, "And I think I was so vulnerable and uncomfortable that I got screamed at. But because this person was number one on a call sheet, there was no safety net for me. So no one had my back. And I would cry walking off set."

The "Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One" star, who confirmed in the interview it was not Tom Cruise or Hugh Jackman, said the rude co-star would also ask her questions such as, "You call yourself an actor?" and "This is what I have to work with?" in front of the cast and crew.

Ferguson went on recalling, "I stood there just breaking. This person was No. 1 on the call sheet, there was no safety net for me. No one had my back." After being subjected to her co-star's temper, she finally mustered up the courage to speak up for the first time.

"I remember being so scared. I looked at this person and I said, 'You can F*** off. I'm gonna work towards a tennis ball. I never want to see you again,' " she recounted. But the producers allegedly told her, "You can't do this to No. 1. We have to let this person be on set.' And I said, 'The person can turn around and I can act to the back of the head.' And I did. I was so scared. I feel it now when I'm saying it."

She added when she asked the director why her co-star's behavior had been tolerated, they said, "You're right. I am not taking care of everyone else. I'm trying to fluff this person. Because it's so unstable."

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