Jennifer Lopez Escapes From Abusive Relationship in New 'Rebound' Music Video

In the emotional visuals of 'Rebound', the 'If You Had My Love' hitmaker seemingly depicts her own unpleasant experiences with abusive relationships in the past.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Lopez seemingly portrays her unpleasant romance experiences in the past in her new music video. The "If You Had My Love" hitmaker escapes from an abusive relationship in the visuals of "Rebound" that was directed by filmmaker Dave Meyers.

On Wednesday, February 21, the 54-year-old pop star released an extended edit of her "Rebound" music video. In the footage, she is documented cutting a rope, which keeps her connected to an abusive partner. She is then filmed running from him by locking herself in a glass room. She later screams until the glass breaks before escaping a glass house and leaving the abusive partner.

After launching the official music video, Jennifer was showered with praise by her listeners. In the comments section of the clip, one in particular gushed, "Wow, she incorporated everything into this song right here. Musical, acting, production, choreography, dancing. Shes just legendary!!!"

Similarly, another exclaimed, "I was enchanted with this song from the very snippet!! Choreo is just hands down!! The plot, the story and the EMOTION! I'm bound to Rebound on repeat," adding a red heart emoji. A third marveled, "This has got to be the most deepest music video and song she's ever done. And the dancing! Ugh. I love the dancing. It's freaking ART."

A fourth added, "The glass house scene with Rebound is one of my favorite parts of this musical experience !!! Very powerful scene. The song pops up in my head several times throughout the day. JLo can be proud of this album. It really is one of her finest works."

The "Rebound" visuals came less than one week after Jennifer released the single. She unleashed "Rebound", which is featured in her ninth studio album titled "This Is Me... Now", on February 16. Since then, she has received positive responses on her latest record.

About the "On the Floor" singer's reaction to the success, a source spilled to Daily Mail, "She is thrilled that both the album and movie are doing so well. She had a feeling her fans would react in a positive way to 'This Is Me... Now' because it is so personal. It is her vision and a show of her creative freedom."

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