Selma Blair Deactivates X Account Following Islamophobic Comment Backlash

The 'Cruel Intentions' star also removes her controversial comment in which she weighs in on anti-Arab immigration policies amid the Israel-Hamas conflict.

AceShowbiz - Selma Blair has reacted to the backlash over an Instagram comment that many deemed Islamophobic. The "Cruel Intentions" star appeared to remove the controversial comment in which she weighed in on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The actress made the claims when commenting on an Instagram clip of a man named Abraham Hamra speaking in support of anti-Arab immigration policies recently passed by Congress. Thanking the man, the actress demanded all the "terrorist supporting goons" should be deported.

"Thank you so much. Deport all these terrorist supporting goons," Blair wrote at the time. "Islam has destroyed Muslim countries and then they come here and destroyed minds. They know they are liars. Twisted justifications. May they meet their fate."

It didn't take long for Internet users to comment on Blair's comment. "According to Selma Blair, I am a scourge unto the Republic. An interloper who should have stayed in the broken backwoods of the Muslim world where my dirty kind belong," one person said, "She believes I should meet a terrible fate. This is who @BritishVogue wants you to believe is an icon."

Someone else pointed out Blair's alleged hypocrisy. "Selma Blair claiming to be a disability rights activist and while simultaneously being anti-Palestine-where thousands upon thousands are physically disabled from severe injuries and amputations caused by Israel's constant attacks-is absolutely f**king wild," the person said.

One other noted, "Selma Blair exposed herself as a racist Islamophobe and then when people noticed, she deleted her comments. She also has turned off replies on instagram because, like all racists, she's a f**king coward."

The Council on American–Islamic Relations also condemned Blair, encouraging her "to apologize and dialogue with the Muslim American community." CAIR National Deputy Director Edward Ahmed Mitchell added, "No one is born a bigot, and we should never assume that someone is doomed to remain a bigot. Based on the hateful and ignorant remarks that Ms. Blair made, we doubt that she has ever engaged in any meaningful interactions with her Muslim colleagues in Hollywood or other members of the American Muslim community."

"We encourage Ms. Blair to apologize, and we also invite her to dialogue with our community. We also call on Hollywood studios and agencies to stop punishing artists who express support for Palestinian human rights while ignoring hateful comments by artists who support the ongoing genocide in Gaza," Mitchell continued.

Instead of commenting on the criticism, Blair has deactivated her X account amid the backlash. 

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