Super Bowl LVIII: Football Fans Rant Against Andra Day's 'Black National Anthem' Performance
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Many football fans criticize the organizer of the highly-anticipated sports event for including 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' performance during the pre-game show.

AceShowbiz - Football fans have candidly voiced their opinions on Black National Anthem performance at the 2024 Super Bowl. Making use of social media, they ranted against "Lift Every Voice and Sing" being delivered at the sports event.

On Sunday night, February 11, Andra Day took the stage at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada to perform "Lift Every Voice and Sing" in front of a packed audience. The song itself is recognized by the NAACP as the Black National Anthem.

For the performance, Andra, who sang along with a number of backup singers dressing up in all-black outfits, looked stunning in her formal outfit. She rocked an oversized long-sleeved beige blazer that came with black buttons on its front side. She also donned a pair of loose long matching tailored pants, matching boots with towering heels, big hoop earrings, a ring and bracelet.

Shortly after the singer delivered the track, many football fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their views on the song being played at the highly-anticipated sports event. Making use of the social media platform, one user penned, "NOTE: There is only one National Anthem, and that's America's National Anthem! There is no such thing as a black national anthem, it's RACIST and a PATHETIC LIE! it's a bulls**t narrative wake up!"

Similarly, another wrote, "This is sad! One song for black and the NATIONAL ANTHEM for everyone else? Fed up with this division and who's behind this , a certain group, I think, who are paid t9 cause turmoil in this country! Divide and conquer? This will backfire one day."

A third stated, "There is no such thing as a 'Black national anthem.' If you think there is, then you are inherently anti-American. Marxists know how to do one thing perfectly, and that's divide. The NFL should go out of business for allowing this stunt to go forward. But how else are the liberal elite to reclaim the African American vote they have lost due to their importation of illegals into their communities? Do not fall for the pandering."

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