Erykah Badu Confronted by Nicki Minaj's Fan After Liking Shady Post Amid Megan Thee Stallion Beef

A Barb confronts Erykah during Twitter's Space conversation after the soul legend allegedly liked a shady post about the 'Super Freaky Girls' rapper amid her feud with Megan.

AceShowbiz - Erykah Badu has entered the feud between Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion. After Erykah seemingly shaded the "Super Freaky Girls" rapper, a Barb confronted the soul legend during Twitter's Space conversation on Saturday, January 27.

The fan, @ItsLeKid on Twitter, somehow found a way to call Erykah to talk about her seemingly support for Megan amid the beef. At one point, the fan mentioned Azealia Banks, who has been very open about her disdain for Nicki with Erykah saying that the "Anna Wintour" raptress is a good friend of hers.

The fan then asked Erykah to relay his message to Azealia, saying, "Watch her mouth when she be speaking on the queen of rap." That prompted Erykah to casually ask, "Who is the queen of rap again?" The host responded, "You can google it."

Later during the conversation, the fan asked the "Bag Lady" artist to explain herself after she liked a shady post about Nicki. "That's not cool, Erykah Badu," said the fan, adding, "What's the problem with Nicki Minaj?" Erykah, however, insisted that she wasn't obliged to answer his question. Despite their back and forth, the fan claimed in a separate tweet that they're just "trolling" each other.

White it was unknown what post that Erykah liked previously, the singer isn't shy to show her apparent support for Megan. She reposted the "Hiss" femcee's post on Instagram Story in addition to leaving multiple heart emojis underneath the Houston rapper's post.

Nicki and Megan's beef started after the latter released "Hiss", on which she appeared to diss the "Anaconda" hitmaker and her husband Kenneth Petty, who is a registered sex offender. "These h*es don't be mad at Megan/ These h*es mad at Megan's Law/ I don't really know what the problem is/ But I guarantee yall don't want me to start," she raps, referring to a federal law requiring law enforcement to publicly share information about registered sex offenders.

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