Boosie Badazz Slams Lil Nas X Following Apology for 'J Christ' Controversy
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After Lil Nas X insisted that it wasn't his intention to mock Jesus in his latest single, the Baton Rouge rapper accuses the 'Old Town Road' spitter of lying.

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) doesn't seem to buy Lil Nas X's apology over the controversy surrounding his latest single "J Christ". After Lil Nas X issued an apology, the Baton Rouge rapper accused the "Old Town Road" spitter of lying.

"He lying he know what he doing," Boosie noted in a comment underneath the Neighborhood Talk's Instagram post on Monday, January 15. He added, "I bet he wouldn't do this to Jews. He's going to Hell."

Internet users appeared to agree with Boosie as the comment has more than 2700 likes and 200 replies. One fan wrote in a reply, "Yes if he doesn't repent and turn away from sin the devil knows Jesus is the one and only true God that's y christian's be attacked so much." Someone simply said, "Preach."

Some others, meanwhile, jumped to Lil Nas X's defense. "you not following the Bible 100 percent. You going to hell right with him," a Lil Nas X supporter told Boosie. Another wrote, "telling someone they're going to hell ain't going to do anything but secure your place there. y'all don't have a heaven , hell, not even a house that's paid off to put these ppl in so pls stop."

In his apology video, Lil Nas X insisted that it wasn't his intention to mock Jesus even though the accompanying music video and artwork featured him as Jesus Christ. "I wanted to explain where my head at and where it's been for the last week," he said. "First of all, when I did the artwork, I knew there would be some upset people, simply because religion is a very sensitive topic for a lot of people."

"But I also didn't mean to mock - this wasn't like a, 'F**k you to you people! F**k you to Christians!' It was not that. It was literally me saying, 'Oh, I'm back like Jesus!' " he continued. "I'm not the first person to dress up as Jesus. I'm not the first rapper, I'm not the first artist and I won't be the last. I know given my history with the 'Call Me By Your Name' video, anything I do related to religion can be seen as mockery."

"That was just not the case with this. I will say, though, with the communion video with me eating the crackers and juice, I thought that video was gonna lighten the mood, to take it down less serious … I do apologize for that. I am sorry for that. That was overboard," he added.

Concluding the video, the Grammy winner noted, "I know I messed up really bad this time, and I can act unbothered all I want but it has definitely taken a mental toll on me. I want my Christian fans to know I am not against you."

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