Pete Davidson's Mom Unknowingly Let His Stalker Into His House
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In his new Netflix special, the former 'Saturday Night Live' comic tells a story about his mother binge-watching 'Grey's Anatomy' together with his stalker.

AceShowbiz - Pete Davidson's stalker loved a "Grey's Anatomy" marathon with his mom. The "King of Staten Island" star revealed in his new Netflix special that he had noticed a woman outside his house, wearing a shirt featuring his "warped" face, so asked her to leave and later called his mother, Amy Waters Davidson, to be on the lookout for her.

"I told her, I was like, 'Someone knows where we live, someone could come over and hurt you.' And she goes, 'No. No, they're looking for you. They're not gonna hurt me. And I was like 'That's fair, but could you humour me? This is scary. I have a stalker and you just gotta be aware, in case she comes by,' " he said on "Turbo Fonzarelli".

Later, on a day Pete was out of town, the woman returned to his house and pretended to be a "friend" of the former "Saturday Night Live" comic. He recalled, "She rings the doorbell. My mom answers and goes, 'Hey, who are you?' Stalker goes, 'I'm Pete's friend.' My mom, of course, goes, 'Well, come on in.' Stalker proceeds to watch 'Grey's Anatomy' with my mom and [her friend] Terry for three hours."

After three hours, Amy called her son to find out whether he was coming home and Pete quickly figured out the reality of the situation. He joked he told her she was "under attack" and to "run for [her] life," but actually urged her to behave as normal and call the police from their garage.

Things went smoothly and cops arrived to arrest the woman - but not before she left an unexpected gift for Pete. He explained, "20 pairs of soiled underwear." But later in the special, the "Bupkis" star admitted he had exaggerated some facts for "hilarity" - including that he only received two pairs of underwear.

In 2021, Michelle Mootreddy was arrested for allegedly entering Pete's home without permission, days after she claimed she and the comedian had secretly married and launched their own production company. She was charged with stalking, harassment, criminal trespass, and trespass but later deemed unfit to stand trial and placed in the custody of a psychiatric facility.

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