Kate Moss Stresses on Importance of 'Rituals' Rather Than 'New Resolutions' for New Year
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The supermodel, who has ditched her hard-living ways, shares an image of her meditating in a room filled with candles as she gives advice to 'rebalance' in 2024.

AceShowbiz - Kate Moss has urged her fans to "rebalance" themselves for the New Year. The former party animal, who is set to turn 50 on January 16, has ditched her hard-living ways and reinvented herself as a wellness, and posted her advice for 2024 on the Instagram feed for her Goop-style Cosmoss lifestyle brand.

She captioned an image of herself meditating in a room filled with candles, stars and moons, "As another year ends take time for yourself and Rebalance. Reset your Rituals rather than create New Resolutions. Kate."

Kate recently revealed her favorite crystals are melonite and rose quartz. The supermodel, who has also swapped her home in London for a country life in the Costwolds, told The Sunday Times about her newfound love of the stones, "Melonite is really powerful. I had a piece of it but of course I lost it. I have to get one more."

Melonite is believed to raise stamina, longevity and overall physical wellbeing, while rose quartz represents love and compassion. Kate also admitted in her heyday she "didn't (care) about what I used" as skincare and "never" used to wear suncream.

Her Cosmoss beauty brand now sells day and night cream (for £95), as well as procollagen oil (£105) and face cleanser (£52.) She launched it in August last year by posting a video of herself wild swimming naked.

Kate added, "Lots of brands think about the science and the ingredients. Cosmoss has all that but what I wanted was something that was actually going to ground you and connect you to the universe."

Part of her practice of "connection to the universe" is wild swimming in a "secret place" used by locals near her new home, a grade II listed house near Little Faringdon, west Oxfordshire.

In the mornings she also practises transcendental meditation for 10 minutes and recites affirmations. Her favorite mantras include, "Embrace the unknown."

Kate also now does ashtanga yoga or reformer Pilates, and cooks Sunday lunches for her 21-year-old daughter Lila. She also said the secret to her newfound early nights is watching "Frasier" once she's in bed, adding, "It just puts me to sleep."

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