DJ Akademiks Insists He Isn't Gay After Being Accused of Sleeping With 6ix9ine by Rapper's Ex

The 32-year-old blogger calls Jade a 'prostitute' after she declared in a recent Instagram Story post that he was the reason behind her breakup with the 'GOOBA' rapper.

AceShowbiz - DJ Akademiks has vehemently denied 6ix9ine's ex claims about him sleeping with the rapper. The blogger ranted against Jade during a livestream after Jade accused him of being the reason behind her breakup with the "GOOBA" spitter.

"So first and foremost, if you're looking for the obvious, me and 6ix9ine has never ever been anything but friends like any other two dudes... We're not gay. I'm not gay," the 32-year-old began. "Like, it actually bothers me. These are the things that bother me the most. The way to get under Ak's skin is mention some gay s**t and put it on his name. Or get a gay n***a to go at Ak! ... We done seen the Saucy s**t."

"Listen, I gave y'all the chance to come tell me why," Akademiks continued. "Whatever y'all got going on, y'all should leave Big Ak out of it. The n***a moved on and left your a** in the dust! You was a hired prost*tute, you was an escort, okay? Don't think too much about it."

Akademiks went on to fume, "The bag's getting low now, don't be mad at me! This is what all y'all girls do. Y'all girls is really like an Airbnb, that's what y'all p***y is. You get a rich n***a and hopefully he can just move in and just permanently f**k you all day long and give you gifts." He added, "Obviously, I'm telling you, this is fake. This is a woman who clearly must either be trying to do one of two things."

"She's been recently accused after Cardi B viciously beat her a** and beat her sister's a** in the club and they got banned from all New York clubs," he raged. "That's a fact. Cardi B got sued, that's a fact. Did she say this to spite me because I mentioned that? Now, with all of that being said, you was my man's girl, so I let it fly! I don't care!"

"All these b***hes in the game right here, they're prost*tutes. All of them, okay? Now, most of them– actually, all of them pretty much just high-class escorts. They all got a price. I know 6ix9ine gotta feel stupid," Akademiks further stressed. Calling Jade "a perennial side chick," he alleged that "Offset had her, A Boogie was f**king her. Every n***a done piped the shawty out!"

Akademiks rant arrived after Jade wrote on Instaram Story, "69 & Akademiks been f**king for a very long time and that's the real reason I left him." She added in a follow-up post, "Don't make me post this video with me playing with ya a**."

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