Rebecca Ferguson Opens Up About Being Harassed by 'Powerful Man' in Music Industry

The 'X Factor' alum had to live in fear for her life when a 'very senior' figure in the music business kept harassing her and even broke into her house.

AceShowbiz - Rebecca Ferguson has remembered a time her home was broken into by a "powerful man" in the music industry. The 37-year-old singer - who shares children Lillie, 18, Karl, 16, and eight-year-old Arabella - has alleged that a senior figure from the music business once "forced" their way into her home and spoke to her child, whilst around the same time police were warning her about concerns for her safety.

"It comes back to very senior people in the industry. This incident was one of many incidences in my career of living in fear of these very, very, very powerful men. If I was a girl that wasn't in the public eye. Let's say I was your next-door neighbour, who works in an office," she told

"If someone from her office forced their way into her home on a Sunday morning, and sat while she was in the shower, chatting to her child, there would be uproar. There would be absolute uproar."

"If that same woman was getting calls from the police to say 'We believe you're unsafe, can we please meet you off the train? We want to make sure that you are safe because we've received very worrying intelligence.' Everyone would have empathy.''

The "Nothing's Real but Love" songstress - who shot to fame as the runner up of the UK version of "The X Factor" in 2010 - contacted the police to remove the man in question from her home but claimed that he continued to "harass" her despite warnings from her legal team.

Rebecca noted that she put herself in the public eye in the hopes of creating a better life for her children and did not ask to be "living in fear" as she wondered how the music industry managed to go "unregulated" for so long.

She said, "I asked to change my life for my children. I didn't ask to be living in fear and getting the police calling me saying people are trying to kill me. Sorry, that was not what I signed up for! The music industry has gotten away with not being regulated, and it's the most curious thing."

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