Robbie Williams Once Traumatized Ayda Field With Bizarre Move
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Ayda Field reveals in a new interview that the 49-year-old former Take That singer left her traumatized when he did something bizarre while they were in a jacuzzi together.

AceShowbiz - Robbie Williams left his future wife traumatized when he ended up clucking like a chicken and wearing one shoe while out of his mind on drugs on their first date. The former Take That singer, 49, who spent years battling his drink and drug addictions, fell off the wagon so dramatically in 2007 when he met Ayda Field he started making bird noises while they were in a jacuzzi together.

Ayda, 44, who married Robbie in 2010 and has children Teddy, 11, Charlie, nine, Coco, five, and Beau, three, with the performer, told the Sunday Times Style magazine about the night, "I saw what 'off the wagon' looks like, which is apparently someone clucking, wearing one shoe. It was very disturbing."

Despite Robbie's clucking, Ayda was smitten with the singer, who she had never heard of before their date, and she stuck with him. She said, "I swear to God, something cosmic happened. In this singular moment I totally understood who he was and he totally understood who I was."

But in their early months together Robbie infamously ditched Ayda three times, and would also give her the silent treatment for weeks. Ayda said, "It would literally be three weeks and I'd say, 'Can I come by and get my stuff?' and he'd be, like, 'What's your address? I'll have security drop it off.' It was brutal." Robbie chipped in during Ayda's interview and joked about how she stuck by him, "Thank God for low self-esteem."

Ayda also made a joke about how she wasn't going to mention having her possession left in "garbage bags" in the early days of their relationship. Robbie insisted when asked if he put them in bin liners while going cold on her, "No, I didn't." Hinting one of his assistants may have done it, he added, "I didn't ask for it to be put into garbage bags but apparently it was."

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