Pardison Fontaine Rips Megan Thee Stallion on New Diss Track, Calls Her 'Sick' for Lying to Public
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On a newly-released diss track called 'THEE PERSON', the 'Backin' It Up' emcee dubs the Grammy Award-winning femcee "sick" for allegedly lying to people and telling half-truths.

AceShowbiz - Pardison Fontaine finally shares his side of the story in the wake of his split from Megan Thee Stallion. On a newly-released diss track called "THEE PERSON", the "Backin' It Up" emcee dubs the Grammy Award-winning femcee "sick" for allegedly lying to people.

"After watching people drag your name/ And and talk about you in unfavorable ways/ In order to get attention uhh clicks/ I never thought you would do something like that to me," the 33-year-old opens the track, which arrived on Friday, November 17. "Oh I'd like to apologize for uh/ No longer keeping up with your lies or supporting your habits to tell half-truths/ I hope this message reaches you well Hope you get the help you need."

Pardi continues to get things off his chest by rapping, "A whole lot happŠµned in these last 2 years/ But this is the part that you sharing I just wish you'd tell the whole truth." He goes on, "When you was going through s**t how I hold you/ It's gonna be okay that's what I told you/ I was the realest n***a you was close to that's for real/ The people that know you don't love you/ The people that love you don't know you."

"Had me beefing with n***as you know you was f**king/ Beautiful girl but your soul is disgusting/ You got everything but you still ain't happy/ That should be showing you some," the emcee spits in the hook. "Hire detectives girl you the feds/ Not in your house not in your bed/ You lying to people you sick in the head."

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