Joy Behar Wants Taylor Swift to Break Up With 'Idiot' Travis Kelce After His Past Tweets Resurface
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Blasting the Kansas City Chiefs tight end for making disparaging comments about girls in the past, the co-host of 'The View' says she doesn't want the Grammy winner to be 'stuck' with the NFL star.

AceShowbiz - Joy Behar apparently doesn't wish Taylor Swift to find her happy ending with Travis Kelce. A self-declared Swiftie, the comedian has voiced her disagreement to the couple's relationship, particularly after his old social media posts resurfaced online.

In the Thursday, November 16 episode of "The View", the panelists were discussing how Taylor's fans reacted to Travis' old tweets, in which he made disparaging comments about girls. One of them read, "damn the clippers girls gotta be the s**tty girls that dont make the lakers girls team, cuz they all was ugly."

"why cant girls hide they backfat," Joy read another tweet by Travis dramatically, which entertained her co-host. She continued, "I feel like if u wanna be a cheerleader you have to pass a beauty test.... there's too many ugly cheerleaders out here smh."

The tweets clearly got the 81-year-old actress testy as she slammed the NFL star, "He's illiterate is more to the point." Pointing out what she found problematic about the athlete, she added, "He's obsessed with the girls looking good, that was his thing."

Whoopi Goldberg, on the other hand, wasn't so invested in the matter. "Show me a high school boy who hasn't said something stupid about girls," she noted, before adding, "This is not my problem. I don't really..."

"Why do you care what he thinks?" Whoopi asked Joy, to which the latter replied, "I'm a Swiftie and I love her because she's getting young people out to vote, so I don't want her to be stuck with this idiot."

However, as Whoopi pointed out, this situation is like having a daughter bring someone home who isn't good for her, but the parent ultimately has no say in the decision. "And you can't say, 'What the, are you out of your mind?' " she said, mimicking a frustrated mom. "All you can say is, 'Okay.' "

Alyssa Farah Griffin then weighed in. While she wasn't "necessarily defending Travis Kelce because those are not appropriate comments," she did note that both Travis and Taylor are part of the "first generation that grew up with social media our entire teen and adult life" and, as a result, "we documented everything."

She continued, "You think of songs that you liked at the time and you're like, 'Wait, this might be totally problematic and I didn't even know at the time," before urging others, "You gotta give people a little bit of grace and hope that the way he treats women now is reflective of how he is as an adult."

Sunny Hostin agreed that Travis has "probably grown up a lot" since his original tweets. Sharing her own experience as a mother to young adults, she explained "I really think that these kids, their frontal lobe, at that age, they're not developed and they’re writing all kinda stuff."

In the end, Whoopi concluded, "Listen, young people do young people stuff. And what you said 25 years ago may not be how you feel this time, so everybody needs to lighten up and let these people do what they want to do."

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