John Stamos Blames 'Bullying' and Insecurity About His Nose for Multiple Plastic Surgeries
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In his new memoir titled 'If You Would Have Told Me', the 'Big Shot' star reveals that he was bullied and called 'Big Nose Stamos' before deciding to go under the knife.

AceShowbiz - John Stamos has opened up about the reason behind his multiple plastic surgeries. In his new memoir titled "If You Would Have Told Me", the "Big Shot" star blamed "bullying" and insecurity about his nose for the procedures.

In an excerpt of the book, which was obtained and published by E! News on Wednesday, October 25, the 60-year-old actor revealed that he went under the knife several times in the beginning of his career. On the reason why, he wrote, "That nose. It bothers me." At that time, he had filmed for "General Hospital".

"When I see it on TV for the first time, it's all I can look at. Fixating on my nose is beginning to detract from my performance," he explained. "Plus, the early years of bullying...have me ready to make a change."

However, John stated that he was not satisfied with the result of his first procedure, which he did during his first hiatus. "My nose looks kind of pushed up like Peter Pan or something. So on my next hiatus, I have it redone by Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon," he recalled. "Who better to handle the delicate task of resculpting my nose than the man who created a whole new face for M.J.?"

In the book, the former "Full House" star shared that he was called "Big Nose Stamos" when he was younger. "Everyone who gets a nose job tries to find some excuse other than vanity," he elaborated. "But let's call it what it was, vanity."

Fortunately, John had his mother Loretta Stamos to help him stay grounded. "My mom figures if I want to continue doing this work," he recounted. "She'll make sure I'm safe, supported, and having a good time. It matters to her that I don't get so swept up in the moment that I lose my connection to family, friends, faith, and fun."

Aside from plastic surgery, John claimed in the book that his then-girlfriend Teri Copley cheated on him with actor Tony Danza. He recalled that he was not able to breathe and got emotional after witnessing Teri and Tony in bed at her house. However, Teri recently told PEOPLE that the two had broken up before John walked in on her with Tony.

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