Joan Collins Dishes on Her 'Really Difficult' Past as Actress Before Me Too Movement
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The former 'Dynasty' star recalls the time she missed out on a role when she 'refused' to take a bath with a producer, but is glad that young stars don't have to face the same unwanted advances.

AceShowbiz - Dame Joan Collins missed out on a role when she "refused" to take a bath with a producer. The 90-year-old star is thankful the #MeToo movement has encouraged actresses to speak out about the sexual misconduct they have experienced in their careers because she hopes it means the new generation of aspiring starlets won't face the same unwanted advances.

Speaking on "The Graham Norton Show", she said, "It was really difficult. Thanks to the Me Too movement it has all come out into the open now and I think young people are having a better chance of not having to face that. One experience I had was being asked to meet a producer who was in the bath. He definitely wasn't playing with his rubber duck when he asked me to get in with him. When I refused, I was asked to leave, and I didn't get the part!"

The former "Dynasty" star previously revealed she had hid in a wardrobe to avoid the advances of another Hollywood boss. Speaking on "This Morning", she said, "When I finally got my first audition for first big role at Ealing Studios. I would get on bus, train, then walk. One of the producers always used to try and catch me. And push me up against the wall, stroke my arm."

"He was tall and smelly and horrible and I would push him away," she continued. "I wouldn't think this had anything to do with the part. One day he finally caught me. The wonderful dresser hid me in the wardrobe."

But Joan has warned that modern men are "suffering from the rise of anti-maleness" as a result of the #MeToo movement, even though she supports the campaign. She said, "Sadly, I think that now young men are suffering from being labeled toxically masculine because of this rise of anti-maleness." Watch the full interview with Joan on "The Graham Norton Show" on BBC One on Friday, October 20 night. Also available on BBC iPlayer.

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