Keith Richards Calls Mick Jagger 'A******'

The Rolling Stones guitarist talks about fictions within the legendary band, admitting he still clashes with the group's lead vocalist after decades of making music together.

AceShowbiz - Keith Richards has labeled Sir Mick Jagger an "a******." The 79-year-old rocker confessed he and his Rolling Stones bandmate still have their disagreements after over 60 years working together but insisted they will always love each other.

"He is unbelievable, man, one of the greatest frontmen. People only hear about the downs. After 60 years, if you had a brother, you'd have had a few ups and downs, too, and ours is usually concerned with work," Keith said to The Sun newspaper.

"I say, 'That's too schlocky', and he says, 'I love it', and I go, 'You're an a******!' But the abrasiveness is minor compared to the harmony that goes on all the time. Of course I love him."

Keith also credits Mick with providing "the main impetus" to get their new album "Hackney Diamonds" completed. He said, "Hats off to Mick for his part. Actually, he fell in line with what I've been saying for years!"

"When a lead singer says to you, 'I want to record', get them in the studio straight away! That energy feeds the rest of us. I mean, an enthusiastic Mick is far easier to work with than a bewildered or disgruntled Mick. Let's just get him while he's in this mood."

Keith also revealed he still speaks to late Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, who passed away in 2021. He said, "I still have conversations with the man, which I fully expect to continue." And, Keith praised his wife Patti Hansen, for supporting him, "She's my rock, man. Amazing woman. I'm going to write a book about her. She keeps me together."

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