Katharine McPhee Pokes Fun at Herself After Accidentally Cooking Her Son's iPad in the Oven

In a video of the incident that is captured by her real estate agent, Kelly Viavattine, the 'American Idol' alum can be seen trying to remove the tablet from the oven using oven mitts.

AceShowbiz - Katharine McPhee might have had one of the funniest parenting moments ever. The "American Idol" alum couldn't help but poke fun at herself after accidentally cooking her son Rennie's iPad in the oven.

Taking to Instagram Story on Monday, October 2, the 39-year-old shared a video of the incident that was captured by her real estate agent, Kelly Viavattine. In the clip, Kelly could be heard asking the singer, "Katharine, I thought something smelled funny... Why the hell is the iPad in the oven?"

In response, the wife of David Foster replied, "The iPad is in the oven because he kept asking for it!" The clip showed the musician trying to remove the tablet from the oven using oven mitts while her 2-and-a-half-year-old son repeatedly yelled for his mom.

Katharine captioned the hilarious post by writing, "Just over here cooking iPads." She added, "I tried to hide it and forgot it was in there while [heating] up the oven for my chicken special."

The post arrived more than a month after Katharine and her husband David lost their nanny, Yadira Colito. Yadira was killed when she was hit by a vehicle that had accidentally been driven into a customer reception area at a car dealership.

A few weeks since the shocking crash, the couple was back on the road and are working on a continuation of their "Christmas Songs" record. David explained, "We got a nice response from the first seven songs so we thought, 'Oh, people are kinda digging this.' "

Still, David told Entertainment Tonight in mid-September that his wife was coming to terms with the tragedy. "It's been tough for her. Yeah, it's been tough. She's managing," he shared.

David and Katharine tied the knot in 2019 before having Rennie in 2021. David is also the father of daughters Allison, 52, Amy, 49, Sara, 41, Erin, 40, and Jordan, 36, from previous relationships.

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