'The Voice' Recap: John Legend's Lookalike, John and Niall Horan's Block Game

In a new episode of the long-running NBC show, coaches John, Niall, Reba McEntire and Gwen Stefani continue their discovery of the best talent for their respective team.

AceShowbiz - Coaches Niall Horan, John Legend, Reba McEntire and Gwen Stefani continued their discovery of the best talent for their team in a new episode of "The Voice" season 24. In the Monday, October 2 episode, more hopefuls took the stage to show off their singing skills on the third night of Blind Auditions.

Kicking off the night was Stee, who decided to sing "Sugar" by Maroon 5. Niall looked like he was about to hit his button, but he hesitated. John was eventually the first coach to turn for Stee, before the three others copied him. Unfortunately for Niall, John blocked him. The coaches praised Stee for his performance, but he chose to join Team John.

Following it up was Chechi Sarai who took the stage to sing "Lovin' You". John and Gwen were immediately sold when Chechi did whistle tones. Niall and Reba joined in to make it a four-chair turn for Chechi. Niall said Chechi "set the bar so high," while John raved that she "looks like a star." Chechi picked Gwen as her coach.

Later, Reid Zingale performed "July" and it was enough to make Niall and Gwen turn their chairs. John also hit his button toward the end of the song, but Reba opted to sit this one out. Niall said Reid's performance was "captivating," and Gwen praised his "unique tone." Reba suggested Reid to pick Niall and Reid did.

The next singer was Gillian Smith, who sang her rendition of "Heart Like a Truck". No one unfortunately hit their buttons for Gillian as Reba pointed out some "pitch problems" on his performance. Claudia B. then hit the stage to sing "Human Nature" and got a quick three-chair turn from John, Niall and Reba. John noted that they're both pianists and convinced Claudia that they could "do a lot of great things together." Claudia eventually went to Team John.

Mac Royals hoped to impress the coaches with his performance of "Gravity" and that was he did. All four coaches hit their buttons with Niall calling it "amazing." Reba, meanwhile, said that she's a country singer that wants to "broaden out" in other genres. Mac decided to join Team Reba.

Noah Spencer opted for "Something in the Orange" and got Niall, Reba and Gwen turned for him. Reba loved "the gravel" in Noah's voice, Niall praised his growl, while Gwen said that there's no one like him on her team, or in the competition. After much deliberation, Noah chose to be on Team Niall.

Tom Nitti performed next, singing "Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)". Reba was the only one who hit her button, so Tom automatically joined Team Reba. Reba also put Alison Albrecht on her team after she turned her chair for Alison, who sang "Ironic" for her auditions.

Up next, Talakai hit the stage to sing his version of "Stay With Me". Reba and John turned their chair for him, but the contestant, who had a striking similarity with the "All of Me" hitmaker, unsurprisingly went to Team John. As for Iceberg, she chose to belt out "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" but no one turned for her.

Rounding out the night, Rudi performed "You Don't Own Me" that got Gwen hit her button. In the last moments, Niall, John and then Reba followed suit, though Niall blocked John. Gwen praised Rudi for being "so in control," adding that she enjoyed watching her "work the stage." Niall noticed that Rudi was a big fan of Gwen and unsurprisingly, Rudi joined Team Gwen.

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