Howard Stern Urges 'Sexist' Bill Maher to 'Shut His Mouth' for Commenting on His Marriage to Beth
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When firing back at the 67-year-old comedian and TV personality, the 'Howard Stern Show' host also suggests that he is 'no longer friends' with the former.

AceShowbiz - Howard Stern was furious upon hearing Bill Maher's comment on his marriage. After the comedian criticized him for outwardly expressing his love for his wife Beth Stern, the radio host fired back by telling the "sexist" 67-year-old to "shut his mouth."

The 69-year-old offered his clapback in the Tuesday, September 19 episode of "The Howard Stern Show". He fumed, "What a sexist thing to say! Like, what a convoluted, nutty thing to say."

"It's assuming that he knows something about my first marriage," the broadcaster added. "That, of course, the man must be leaving the woman and the woman must be devastated and be sitting around pining away for her famous man."

Completely lost it, Howard raged, "He ought to shut his mouth!" He then explained, "I mean, I don't think I come on the air every day and say, 'I love my wife.' But I thought it was a pretty positive message, to - especially with my audience - to say to guys: 'Instead of like ragging on our wives, how about talking about that we appreciate them and love them?' "

Howard went on to note that he emailed Bill to voice his opinion directly to him. "I wrote in an email, I said, 'Why don't you give me a phone call? Why don't you tell me what you think about my life and my marriage since you're, you know.' But of course, he never wrote me back," he shared.

"I just wanted to see how brave he was," the Sirius XM Radio personality continued. "If he was brave enough to call me and actually get on the phone with me and zero response. I don't care, though. He can think what he wants... I think I'm no longer friends with him."

Bill made his remarks in an episode of his "Club Random" podcast. "How does this gushing about the second wife - how does that make the first wife feel? Could we just not gush about the person while the other person can still hear it?" the "Real Time with Bill Maher" host asked.

Howard tied the knot with his first wife Alison Berns in 1978 but they separated in 2000 and finalized their divorce in 2001. He then moved on with Beth, whom he married in 2008. The couple has been together ever since.

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