Mo'Nique Urges CBS to Treat Her and Countess Vaughn Fairly Amid Dispute Over 'The Parkers' Royalties

The 55-year-old comedienne, who starred as Nicole 'Nikki' Parker on the show, calls out CBS months after she filed a lawsuit against the network and Paramount in April.

AceShowbiz - Mo'Nique has called out CBS over alleged unpaid royalties from her "Moesha" spin-off "The Parkers". The actress, who has been suing the network and Paramount due to the matter, urged them to treat her and her pal Countess Vaughn since they haven't received "fair" compensation.

On Tuesday, September 19, the 55-year-old shared a video of her and her husband Sidney Hicks on Instagram. "Countess Vaughn and I did a show called 'The Parkers'," she said. " 'The Parkers' has now been on air for twenty-four years, and they're trying to convince us [that] through our ownership of the show, that we made absolutely no money."

"So what we're asking you, CBS, is can you please treat these two Black women fairly," the comedienne continued. "When our brother Dave Chappelle, who ironically had a deal with CBS, said that he signed a deal out of desperation and it was a bad deal. They were able to go back and do the right thing and they made that deal fair and paid Dave Chappelle what he rightfully deserved. What we're asking CBS is don't pay us anymore, but don't pay us any less."

Her husband then chimed in, "We see the numbers, and they still don't want to pay." He further stated, "What will happen to you when you don't even know the numbers exist?"

In the caption, Mo'Nique penned, "HEY MY SWEET BABIES. IT'S A HARD CONVERSATION TO HAVE BUT WE HAVE THE PROOF TO BACK IT UP!!! @countessdvaughn WE ARE THE PARKERS!!!! I LOVE US 4REAL." Co-signing Mo'Nique's statements, Vaughn re-shared the video on her Instagram Story.

Mo'Nique, who starred as Nicole "Nikki" Parker on the show filed a lawsuit against CBS and Paramount in April. "While the series has proven to be a major financial success for its producers and distributors, the series' talent have not been permitted to share in the fruits of that success," so read the court documents.

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