Jennifer Garner Helps Homeless Man in Wheelchair, Puts Shoes on His Bare Feet
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The '13 Going 30' actress is in her car in a Santa Monica Beach, Calif. parking lot when she notices the homeless man is barefoot and offers her own shoes.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Garner has shown her true heart. The 51-year-old actress has been caught in the act while doing a good deed to a stranger whom she happened to encounter in Santa Monica Beach, California.

On Sunday afternoon, September 17, the mother of three was in a car in a parking lot when she saw a homeless man in a wheelchair. She rolled down her window and began interacting with the elderly man.

A smiling Jennifer chatted with the man, who was wearing a green T-shirt, before handing him a plastic bag full of essential items. When she realized the man was barefoot, she immediately opened her door, got out of her vehicle, crouched down in front of him and began putting socks on his feet.

The "Alias" alum even took her own sneakers off and tried to put them on him, but they were too small. She noticed a paparazzo several feet away and approached him. "What size feet do you have?" she repeatedly asked the photographer as seen in a video. "Can I buy your shoes for him? He needs a shoe."

The photog asked what size the man needed, to which Jennifer replied, "10 and a half." The paparazzo responded with glee, "Oh, I'm 11! Want me to give it to him? I can give it to him," telling the Golden Globe winner she did not need to pay him.

After the "Elektra" star put the pap's black sneakers on the homeless man's feet, the photog added that he had a blanket in his car. After the photog gave her a spare change of clothes and his blanket to give to the man, she asked the pap to help her change the homeless man's clothes into the fresh set.

Jennifer also generously offered him food and some cash. She was seen showing him the items in the carefully packaged goodie bag and opening up a packet of food before handing it to him.

"The Adam Project" actress appeared to have been enjoying a stroll on the beach and on her way to return home when she stopped to help the man. She was dressing casually in a white T-shirt, dark camouflage leggings and a trucker cap.

This isn't Jennifer's first act of generosity that was well documented. Last April, the former wife of Ben Affleck hosted a food drive at her home in honor of her 50th birthday.

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