Larsa Pippen Open to Having Another Child While Dating Marcus Jordan
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In a new episode of their joint podcast 'Separation Anxiety', the 48-year-old TV personality and her 32-year-old boyfriend talk about the possibility of them having kids sometime in the future.

AceShowbiz - Larsa Pippen is ready for another round of motherhood now that she's in a relationship with a much-younger boyfriend. The reality TV personality has revealed that she's open to having another child while dating Marcus Jordan.

In a new episode of their new joint podcast, "Separation Anxiety With Hosts Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan", the pair talked about the possibility of them having kids sometime in the future. "I think there's [mostly] been conversations around it," Marcus said, explaining that they haven't gotten into specifics when it comes to that particular discussion.

"When we go and we meet people, or I'm introducing you to some of my friends, or you introduce me to some of your friends I feel like it gets brought up," he shared, noting that they may have never had a conversation about the topic between the two of them before. "But I feel like we've never had a one-on-one, private conversation about having children."

"It's one of those things where I think time will tell," Larsa, who shares three sons and a daughter with ex-husband Scottie Pippen, chimed in. "I feel like I'm happy, because I have four kids, and I feel like you don't have kids, so basically it'd be a question for you. Because I'm really fulfilled with my four children."

"And I think that's something that goes unsaid with dating, and when there's an age gap," Marcus added. "Like if the man is older, he might have kids, if the woman is older, she might have kids."

Marcus admitted that his mind has been occupied with work currently. "But for me, I've always viewed Trophy Room as my baby," he explained, referring to his upscale boutique sneaker store. "I always wanted to establish my own name, outside of being Michael Jordan's son. So for me, Trophy Room gave me that opportunity as my business. So I've always nurtured it and treated it as my child."

"Now obviously, that's not the same as having an actual baby, but it's occupied all of my time," he went on stressing. He shared, "Having a child was always so far out of my mind frame... but [recently] there's definitely thoughts."

Larsa, meanwhile, is down to being a mother again. "I have four kids, and I love being a mom, and I feel like I would be open to having one more child," she told her boyfriend. In the end, they agreed that the time to talk about kids will come as they prepare to celebrate their first anniversary as a couple.

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