Ari Fletcher Called 'Delusional' for Denying She Got BBL

The social media personality is forced to deal with an online critic after she promoted her gym program on Twitter as a part of her partnership with Boku.

AceShowbiz - Ari Fletcher insisted that she didn't go under the knife to enhance her butt. The social media personality has slammed a troll who accused her of getting a BBL, but it backfired because people didn't buy her claim.

It all started after Ari promoted her gym program as a part of her partnership with Boku. "Surgery don't do this! Stop talking all that s**t and get in the gym h*e! LETS GOOOOOOO.," she wrote on Twitter.

Someone then responded to the post by writing, "Saying this after getting bbl's and a** shots is insane." Catching wind of the reply, the ex-girlfriend of Moneybagg Yo hit back, "Why do y'all keep saying I have a bbl and a** shots??? I DO NOT. And you ugly as f**k don't piss me off."

A number of online users doubted Ari's statement though. One person in particular opined, "Having surgery &acting like you didn't is some real DELUSIONAL S**T." Another penned, "I just hate that she keeps lying it's annoying honestly lol."

"Lipo suction and and fat transfers are still cosmetic surgery ma'am. And selling this to impressionable young women because you making it seem like you got this build from the gym and not the doctor is deceitful," a third noted. " 'Maintaining' your body after surgery could've been your marketing here but now you just look silly."

The criticism didn't stop there. More came forward with one writing, "Fat transfer and lipo is getting your body done and it's ok. But just be honest about it. Promoting a healthy life when having a big platform is important. But stop telling us we will look like something we won't without surgery."

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