Elliot Page's Relationship With His Parents Improves Due to His Memoir

The 'Pageboy' author formerly known as Ellen Page credits his tell-all book with helping him to clear up the air with his parents about his personal journey.

AceShowbiz - Elliot Page claims his autobiography has improved his relationship with his mum. Brought up as a girl by her teacher mother Martha Philpotts and his graphic designer dad Dennis Page before he came out as gay in 2014 and his gender transition in December 2020, the "Inception" actor, 36, said his memoir "Pageboy" has helped clear the air with his family for the "first time" about his journey.

"I'm nervous, but grateful for the opportunity to have written it. It was really healing getting a lot of stuff out. It's been very beneficial for my relationship with my mom. It has allowed us to talk about things for the first time in a meaningful, sincere way," he told The Guardian.

The book tells how Elliot would try to pee standing up at the age of four. He said in the autobiography, "I would press on my vagina, holding it, pinching and squeezing it, hoping I could aim."

Elliot went on to self-harm from a young age and stopped eating as he battled with his image. As a youngster he wanted to look like Elliot, the young hero of Steven Spielberg's film "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" and has a tattoo on his biceps that says "EP phone home."

His book tells how he was abused by men and a woman as a teen and how he had relationships with famous actresses and one "closeted" star he refers to in the book only as "Ryan."

But the memoir also tells how Elliot has found solace in mixing with actors he admires including Hugh Jackman, 54, and 62-year-old Julianne Moore. He told The Guardian about the pair, "Someone like Hugh Jackman is lovely. He's just so f****** cool."

"I feel so lucky to have worked with Julianne and to have her in my life. She's been an incredible friend to me, and so supportive and caring. So I've been really fortunate to have mentors in my life who've helped me a lot at certain times."

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