Nick and Joe Jonas Auditioned for Same Role in 'Wicked'

Nick Jonas confirms he and his Jonas Brothers bandmate/sibling tried out for the same role in the Ariana Grande-fronted musical but they lost out to Jonathan Bailey.

AceShowbiz - Nick Jonas lost out on a role in the "Wicked" movie. The 30-year-old star has opened up that he and his older brother Joe Jonas auditioned for the part of Fiyero in the upcoming film adaptation of the hit musical but missed out to "Bridgerton" actor Jonathan Bailey.

"Yes, it's true. Joe and I both went out, and we didn't get it. But that's the life of an actor. The role was Fiyero. I think it went really well. I was very happy coming out of the room. I'm a huge fan of the show, and that's a role I always thought it would be fun to play. But I think Jonathan is going to do a great job, and I'm sure the movie is going to be great," Nick told Variety.

Nick has a role in Robert Schwartzman's film "The Good Half" as a writer named Renn who travels home to Cleveland for his mother's funeral and the star felt he had a deep understanding of his character.

The Jonas Brothers singer said, "I felt like I understood the voice of the character. When we find him, he is going through one of life's most challenging moments, the loss of a loved one. I've experienced that in my life, and it was one of the hardest things I've gone through."

Nick continued, "Robert and I really trusted in one another and built an environment on set where we understood what's on the page, but had freedom to put it in your own voice. It was empowering. And we got to shoot in my home state of New Jersey."

Nick also explained that he has found it challenging to juggle both his acting and music commitments. He said, "In the last few years, it's been harder because music has been the more dominant of my two gigs. But throughout Covid, I doubled down on my production company and building out my development slate in film and TV. A lot of these projects are things I intend to star in as well."

"So then it's just about working backwards with my team to find the windows that make the most sense. The long-winded way of answering your question is, yes I certainly want to see more acting projects on my schedule."

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