Blueface Called Out for Filming His Son in Distress at Sneaker Store

The 'Respect My Cryppin' ', who has just been released from jail in Las Vegas, catches heat after sharing a video of his eldest child with Jaidyn Alexis throwing tantrum during a shopping spree.

AceShowbiz - Blueface has been criticized over his parenting skills. The 26-year-old rapper, who shares two children with his ex-girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis, has been dragged online after filming his son Javaughn J. Porter in distress.

In a video which he posted online, Javaughn was causing a scene as Blueface and Jaidyn visited a sneaker store. The boy made a commotion at the entrance as he refused to enter the store while his mother was trying to take him inside. Blueface, meanwhile, was holding their younger child.

The video then cut to Javaughn already inside the store, but he only stood in the corner before Blueface picked him up, while Jaidyn was holding their daughter Journey Alexis Porter. The 4-year-old boy looked upset as he asked his father to put him down and threw his little fists on Blueface's chest several times.

Blueface ignored his son's request, jokingly saying to the camera that the boy was "feisty." He also made sure that the videographer was filming the moment.

The "Thotiana" hitmaker later tried to talk to Javaughn as he was standing in an alley of the store. But instead of responding to his father's question, he pushed his father's face with his hand, telling him to "stop." Blueface seemed to be shocked a bit by his son's action, but did not discipline him right away.

After the video made its rounds online, many were baffled by Blueface's decision to expose his son while he was throwing tantrum to public. "I think that it is unkind to film your child in that type of distress," one social media user weighed in.

Another questioned, "Why post your child acting like that it's definitely not cute." One other critic pointed out, "A real man would make him cut that out quick. Dont tolerate stuff like that. Laughing like it's a joke. You doing him more harm thang good."

Blueface is currently expecting a child with his former girlfriend Chrisean Rock. As he has been spending more time with Jaidyn following his split from Chrisean, he recently discussed with Jaidyn the possibility of her taking care of Chrisean's child when it arrives if the baby is taken away from Chrisean. "I'm not gonna watch the child so you gon' be stuck watching the child," he told her.

"You think I'm gonna watch y'all's child?" Jaidyn immediately responded, clearly disinterested. "Yeah," Blueface replied, "if we together." Jaidyn then let out a laugh as she appeared to be in disbelief.

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