SZA Tries Not to Care Too Much About Grammy Snubs

The 'Kill Bill' hitmaker talks about constantly pushing herself in the industry and weighs in on being snubbed by the Recording Academy at the Grammy Awards.

AceShowbiz - SZA's success is fueled by her own insecurities. The 33-year-old singer thinks she's at her best when she's in a difficult situation.

"If it was time for me to go to war with a b**** based on my talents alone, I would come out victorious because there's something inside of me that wants to devour someone's soul," she told ELLE magazine.

The "Kill Bill" hitmaker admits that she's constantly trying to prove a point to herself. She shared, "I'm just waiting until I finish proving points to myself, because that's what all this is about, really."

"I do music to prove that I have value to myself, because what else am I going to do, in terms of how I help people? Me being whoever I'm led to be on this journey must be part of the work 'cause it's really hard emotionally ... My prayer is to see myself the way God sees me. Like, 'Father, help me know my value and trust that I'm valuable, and that I am who You say I am.' "

SZA has won one Grammy from 14 nominations during the course of her career. But the chart-topping star insists she's not motivated by accolades. The singer - whose real name is Solana Rowe - said, "I try not to care too much because I really had some deep disappointments when I would just be so invested."

"But I can't invest because none of it is real. Even if I win a bunch of Grammys, that s*** doesn't matter. It would be so cool. But also I would not be surprised at all if I didn't win any [more]. Because that's just how s*** goes."

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