Exes Chilli and Usher Were Still in Contact While He Was Married

In a new interview, the 52-year-old TLC member reveals that she and the 'Yeah!' hitmaker were in contact for 15 years after their breakup back in 2004.

AceShowbiz - Chilli and Usher split in 2004, but it was apparently not easy for them to get over each other. In a new interview, the 52-year-old TLC member revealed that they were in contact for 15 years after their breakup.

"I love hard. I was like, 'God, why can't I get over this?' " Chilli shared in an interview with PEOPLE published on Friday, June 2. "He couldn't either." Following their split, the "OMG" singer was married twice, to Tameka Foster from 2007 to 2009 and to Grace Harry from 2015 to 2018.

Chilli, however, revealed that she eventually ended their off-and-on relationship in 2019 and "stopped dating" altogether "to focus on myself." She explained, "Because before that I thought if I met the right guy during that time that I wasn't over [Usher] it wouldn't work. I would never want to straddle the fence."

"We definitely had some chemistry," the "No Scrubs" hitmaker said of their romance. "But working chemistry does not mean it works in your personal life. If we were working, it was great. But outside of that, we're so different."

Chilli has now moved on with her boyfriend, actor Matthew Lawrence, whom she has been dating since 2022. Back in May, Chilli gushed over her beau as saying, "I never thought the name 'Matthew' would make me blush so much. I always thought he was cute."

She went on to say that she and Matthew have such a solid relationship that they have never had a single fight. "I'm like 'Matthew, it's gonna happen one day, 'cause we're going to be together forever,' " the iconic singer noted.

As for Usher, the "Yeah!" singer has been in a years-long relationship with Jenn Goicoechea. The lovebirds welcomed their second child together in 2021. The R&B star is also a father to his two other kids whom he shares with Tameka.

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