'John Wick' Director Insists It Felt Right to End Series With 4th Movie After 5th Film Is Confirmed

While Chad Stahelski would never say never to directing more Keanu Reeves-starring action Movies, the filmmaker is glad to 'go out on a high' with the fourth installment.

AceShowbiz - Chad Stahelski would give thought to directing more "John Wick" films. Lionsgate chairman Joe Drake has announced that a fifth movie in the action franchise is in development and Chad has confirmed that he would consider making a return if he was provided with the perfect story following the dramatic ending to "John Wick: Chapter 4".

"I'm massively in love with the characters and the world that we've built. Do I want to try other things? Yes, but to be brutally honest with you, if I was smart enough and good enough to come up with a way to continue the story, I would," Chad told Screen Rant.

"It just felt right to end where Keanu and I both just in our hearts and our souls, felt it was good to do what we did. To end it and put a good cap on this and feel satisfied and not go out on it down, but go out on a high. It felt right to end the series like that."

Chad is refusing to give up on "John Wick" completely and would even be tempted to make spin-off films. He explained, "I have no problem. I don't think I'd ever be the guy, 'Oh, no, I've already done that.' I would love to try to do something new because everyone's a challenge. I'm not trying to do an episodic feature thing where they're all the same."

"I would try to different lighting, I would try to do different worlds. You keep trying. And I think I'd find great interest and satisfaction in that. I just haven't thought of it yet," Chad added. "So to answer your question, yes. If something pops in and it works, yeah, I'd love to do it. If I could crack any of those stories that we mentioned, I'd love to."

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