Paloma Faith Fumes at 'The Little Mermaid' Over Its Message to 'Next Gen Women'
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The 'Stone Cold Sober' singer is left infuriated after watching Disney's live-action adaptation of the 1989 animated film with her kids, saying it's 'not what I want to be teaching next gen women at all.'

AceShowbiz - Paloma Faith has been left disappointed with the new "The Little Mermaid (2023)". The English singer/actress has blasted the movie after taking her kids to watch the live-action film, which stars Halle Bailey as Ariel.

The "Stone Cold Sober" songstress took issue with the story, which is about a mermaid who falls in love with a human, Prince Eric (Jonah Hauer-King). She took to her Instagram Story to express her disdain at the message of the film.

"Just seen the new little mermaid with my kids and while I think Halle gives a good performance and it's great casting," she began her review of the film. The mother of two added, "as a mother of girls I don't want my kids to think it's ok to give up your entire voice and your powers to love a man."

The "Picking Up the Pieces" hitmaker went on slamming the Rob Marshall-directed pic, "Wtf is this s**t? Not what I want to be teaching next gen women at all."

Paloma Faith's IG Story

Paloma Faith slammed 'The Little Mermaid'.

Surprisingly, Paloma was a fan of the animated version. She tweeted back in October 2009, "When I grow up I want to be the little mermaid."

Many have since questioned how Paloma was not aware of what the story was about, since the plotline isn't changed that much in the new film. "Has she not seen the original? Why would you take your child to a movie without knowing the description esp when the movie was a previously cartoon... it feels like her issue is something else," someone called out the 41-year-old star.

Another pointed out, "it's literally the same as the original girl." Similarly, someone said, "Was she not aware of the plot before she bought a ticket? This isn't a new movie."

Others corrected that Ariel was not giving up her voice for a man, but rather to be human. "She gave up her voice to become human? It's Literally what the song 'Part of your world' [is about,]" someone argued. Another claimed, "arielle literally sings 'part of your world' before she even knows the prince exists. the original movie already had a strong independent woman message."

Disney has not responded to Paloma's criticism, while she has not addressed the backlash over her comments.

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