Jason Sudeikis Reveals He Has Around 250 Pairs of Sneakers

A massive fan of Nike footwears, the 'Ted Lasso' actor opens up he owns a huge collection of sneakers and he often wears them on his sports comedy-drama show.

AceShowbiz - Jason Sudeikis has around 250 pairs of sneakers. The 47-year-old actor - who portrays the titular character in "Ted Lasso" - has revealed that he's a huge fan of Nike sneakers and he occasionally wears them on the sports comedy-drama show.

"We're all so flattered by it. It's something that we were intentional about from the get-go, before we thought anyone would notice," Jason told the New York Times newspaper when discussing the fan reaction to his on-screen attire.

Despite this, Jason admits there's one person who isn't a fan of his on-screen fashion choices. He shared, "[It] drives our costumer, Jacky Levy, a little crazy. Just for continuity purposes."

Jason explained that, broadly speaking, a lot of time and thought is given to the on-screen outfits. The comedy star said, "Jacky is incredibly intentional about that. Certainly with Rebecca's wardrobe, Keeley's wardrobe, everybody's. It's not always the sneakers, either - Ted wearing an orange sweatshirt in the Amsterdam episode was intentional because the national colour for the Netherlands is orange."

Jason became a sneakerhead during his school years in the 1980s. The Hollywood star is a particular fan of Air Jordans and Jason revealed that he loves one specific pair. Asked to name his favourite pair of sneakers, Jason replied, "They're pretty beat up at this point, but my Jordan 1s, low, they're Carolina Blue. I wear them a couple times throughout the show. I genuinely love those shoes."

Jason previously admitted that he's actually been gifted some free pairs of Air Jordan sneakers. The actor told GQ magazine, "I've always worn sneakers: first as a necessity, when playing sports, and then I suppose for no other reason than it reminds me of that time."

"When they bring out the old-school Jordans it's kind of great: you can have them all over again, shoes that I had when I was a kid - I had the very first pair of Jordans in '86. So I buy stuff on eBay or there's a great store in New York called Flight Club - they have one in LA too that I hit up. Recently, people from Nike and Jordan brand will send me stuff, too."

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