Jeff Goldblum Reveals Secret to His Youthful Looks
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The 70-year-old actor talks about how he stays looking so young for his age in an upcoming episode of 'The Jonathan Ross Show' about which will air Saturday, April 8.

AceShowbiz - Jeff Goldblum has slept his way to youthful looks aged 70. "The Fly" actor, set to turn 71 in October, and who has children Charlie, seven, and River, five, with his third wife Emilie Livingston, 40, added despite his worldwide fame his two kids have no idea what he does for a living.

Jeff, whose second spouse was his "The Fly" co-star Geena Davis, 67, said in an upcoming episode of "The Jonathan Ross Show", which will air Saturday, April 8, about how he stays looking so young for his age, "I have no secret. I live nicely. I like to sleep and try to eat reasonably. I love eight hours (sleep). I topped it off with a nap today. If your body needs it - sleep, sleep, sleep."

Speaking about whether his kids know what he does, which includes filming the two upcoming "Wicked" films and his role as "chaotician" Ian Malcolm in the "Jurassic Park" franchise, the actor and jazz musician said, "I don't think so. Who knows what they're thinking of or what they become aware of? I did this dinosaur (shoot) recently here in Pinewood Studios. We brought them to the studio, they saw me in scenes... they sort of know what that is... I'm out in the street with them, people do come up and take pictures. At first, they're like, 'Dada, how does he know you? Why do they want a picture?' Then they kind of get the idea a little bit. Sometimes they're happy to be part of the picture, sometimes they're annoyed by it. I don't know if they know, I don't know what they know."

He added despite his kids being natural performers, he and Canadian contortionist and dancer Emilie try to keep them away from screens. Jeff said, "They are natural actors, they really are. I don't remember playing all day and having that wild imagination they seem to. We keep them away from screens mostly. We've shown them some Chaplin shorts". "The Jonathan Ross Show" is on Saturday at 9.50pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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