Blueface Speaks Up After Chrisean Rock Gets Caught Smoking Weed While Pregnant

Defending his baby mama, the 'Thotiana' hitmaker claims that 'lots of women smoke weed until their last trimester' and they don't experience any side effects.

AceShowbiz - Blueface has spoken up after his on-and-off girlfriend Chrisean Rock was caught seemingly smoking blunt while she's currently pregnant with his child. Appearing to defend his baby mama, the rapper believes that smoking weed isn't going to harm the baby and that other pregnant women have done the same.

"Lots of women smoke weed until their last trimester there is no effect don't shoot the messenger," the soon-to-be father of three wrote on Twitter on Thursday, March 29. He insisted in a separate tweet, "I'm only tweeting the truth weather its In her favor or not I'm not bias."

Agreeing with Blueface, one person claimed, "All the herb babies are ok guys! Most likely out there excelling." Another argued, "Smoking weed actually helps ALOT OF WOMEN deal with eating ,, morning sickness,, and anxiety while pregnant."

A third person shared she was also smoking weed while she was pregnant. "I was actually encouraged to smoke a little while pregnant because I did not have an appetite," she said, before jokingly adding, "My babydad said I needed a new doctor lol."

Despite those claims, there are actually potential harms that come with smoking marijuana while pregnant. According to the CDC, there is a possibility that THC products could have detrimental effects on a baby's development.

Weighing in on this, someone said, "There are definitely effects and the hospital can call child protective services if mom and/or baby test positive for marijuana at delivery." Another said, Why would any pregnant person want to put any drug in their system. I am all for marijuana but this here is terrible."

Another agreed as writing, "It's effects that you don't see immediately. Like ADHD, ADD, Austim and more smh! But don't shoot the messenger."

Chrisean sparked a debate after she was caught on camera seemingly smoking marijuana earlier this month. During a club appearance at King of Diamonds in Miami, Florida with her boyfriend Blueface, she was seen sitting shotgun in a parked car with what looks like a blunt between her fingers. People soon raised concerns because she has announced that she's pregnant with the rapper's child.

Chrisean herself has not responded to the criticism.

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