Owen Wilson Got His All-Areas Pass to The Rolling Stones Concerts Rescinded Within Only 24 Hours
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The 'Marry Me' star recalls being a 'bozo' who was wandering onto a forbidden part of the stage mid-gig, disrupting Mick Jagger during his performance before security team asked his AAA pass back.

AceShowbiz - Owen Wilson had a lifetime access-all-areas pass to any The Rolling Stones show in the world, but it was rescinded after just 24 hours when the self-confessed "bozo" wandered onto a forbidden part of the stage mid-gig.

The 54-year-old actor was watching the band play in Argentina when he decided to test out just which areas his AAA pass would allow him into, only for him to end up on a part of the stage that the band's frontman and his pal Sir Mick Jagger, 79, was hurtling towards during his performance of "Jumpin' Jack Flash".

Speaking on "The Late Late Show with James Corden", he said, "I was kind of friendly with some of the band and then my friend was really good friends with Mick Jagger. We got [presented with] these special laminates, kind of all access, that were good for the rest of your life. That night, at the concert, I'm kind of wandering around and testing it out - like, 'I'm going to walk over here and see if anybody stops me.' And no one would stop me any place. I ended up right at this place where I could look over and see Mick Jagger on the stage, and right there and then, all of a sudden, he bolts during 'Jumpin' Jack Flash' and comes running down. It turns out, where I was, was kind of part of the stage a little bit, so I just sort of froze and tried to be inconspicuous, and he kinda came down and left, and then someone came running over, [shouting,] 'Get out of here! Move! You're not supposed to be here!' And I [said], 'I didn't know! I'm so sorry!' I go to bed that night still thinking, 'Well, gosh, that was kind of a gnarly experience.' "

The "Wedding Crashers" star also found out afterwards he was supposed to be wearing dark colors to the gig. He said, "I was also dressed in a white T-shirt and white pants, and if you are at this part of the stage - where you're not supposed to be - you should be in like dark colors where you blend in. So I get it, you know? He's got a show to do. He doesn't need some kind of bozo just cruising around distracting him."

The show was ended up being the first and last time Owen would wear his AAA pass, as Mick's security team picked it up the following day. He explained, "Then I get a call the next morning from Mick's security team asking, 'Do you have that laminate?' 'Yes, I still have it.' 'OK, we're going to come over and pick it up.' I only had it for 24 hours."

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