Da Brat's Wife Shuts Down LisaRaye McCoy' Claims About Finding Out Rapper's Pregnancy Online
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When shutting down the record straight, Jesseca Dupart reveals that the 'Single Ladies' alum comment about her and the rapper's pregnancy was taken from an interview months ago.

AceShowbiz - DaBrat's wife has shut down LisaRaye McCoy's claim about finding out about their pregnancy online. Jesseca "Judy" Dupart set the record straight in a report shared by The Shade Room.

"THIS A LIE!" Jesseca declared. "SHADEROOM please check the date on this interview and the accuracy, this is just honestly not a good time as her mom just passed ….let's keep Lisa Raye in our prayers. WE COVERED ALL THIS ON @Bratlovesjudy_wetv this season BTW."

The interviewer also offered a clarification on Instagram Story. "The interview I did with @thereallrayei is from months ago not today ... I only posted because I throught it was from a story today and that my interview was jst getting brought back up from something currently."

When appearing on the "It's Tricky with Raquel Harper" podcast, LisaRaye was asked about how she felt regarding her sister's pregnancy. "Wonderful," LisaRaye replied. When Raquel tried to pull more out of LisaRaye and questioned if she knew the gender, she said, "No... Um, I found out through social media."

"This takes me back," the actress continued. "Because I'm sure that you have heard of the last kind of encounter that we had that went viral." She was referring the tense moment on her show, "Cocktails with Queens", when Da Brat appeared to surprise her for her birthday. She added, "I ended up having to, I guess what they said, cussed everybody out on the show."

LisaRaye explained that she felt awkward at that time because she was "slighted" by questions about Da Brat coming out as gay. "Because she came out, and I'm getting interviewed, and people are all like, 'Oh, how do you feel about your sister coming out?' And I'm like, 'Coming out of what?' 'Cause I'm thinking I had to say some politically correct type of answer because I don’t know what they talkin' about," she recalled.

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