Latto Shuts Down 'Panty Police' for Criticizing Her Panties

A Twitter user shares side-by-side pictures of the 'Big Energy' hitmaker from two different occasions during which she can be seen donning a leopard-themed panty in both photos.

AceShowbiz - People are always keeping their eyes on celebrities. Latto (Mulatto) learns about it firsthand when someone on Twitter made a disrespectful comment about her panties.

The fan shared on Sunday, January 29 side-by-side pictures of the "Big Energy" hitmaker from two different occasions. The pictures saw the raptress rocking two styles, but fans could see that she donned a leopard-themed panty in both photos.

Dissing the musician, the person wrote in the caption, "Can't afford new panties?" The tweet didn't go unnoticed by Latto, who sarcastically responded, "Oh no, it's the panty police."

Upon catching wind of Latto's tweet, Internet users did think it was too much. "The internet be soooo weird, people need to get a life fr. Didn't realize you had to throw away y'a panties after wearing them just once," one person opined.

One other noted it was normal to wear the same panties more than once. "Normal people wear the same underwear more than once. It's a washer and dryer TF!" the person said. "So y'all don't have washing machines," one other said.

"Honey that ain't nothing but a washer and dryer situation- now to the girls who double up without washing, gon head and wash that cootie and feed it a @vagitaminz," Lala Milan chimed in. Echoing the sentiment, another user penned, "I'll be damn if I can't wear s**t that I bought multiple times. Wtf is wrong with people."

Further defending Latto, someone said, "Wash dry wear again yall be forgetting these celebrities are still people," while another one wrote, "People just do too much she can buy stocks in panties girlī¸ y'all pay attention to the wrong stuff." One person, meanwhile, was more focused on the nickname that Latto gave to the hater, writing, "Panty police is hilarious."

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