Ava Max Sees Life Differently After Dying Inside Due to Heartbreak

While visiting Kelly Clarkson for a TV interview, the 'Sweet but Psycho' hitmaker explains why going through a painful heartbreak is not always a bad thing.

AceShowbiz - Ava Max insists heartbreak can be a "good thing." Returning to the music scene with her new album "Diamonds and Dancefloors", the 28-year-old pop star - whose real name is Amanda Ava Koci - explained that, even though she had previously vowed "never" to write about her personal life, she ended up doing so after going through a breakup.

"I would always say 'I'm never talking about my personal life, I'm never going to do it!' And then I died inside and that was all I could write about. I see things differently. Heartbreak is actually, yes, it's bad and negative but it's also a good thing," she said.

"You change, you grow stronger, you see life differently, you see people differently and you appreciate things more, almost to the point where I'm just like 'Do I get heartbroken again?' No, I'm just kidding, I don't want to!"

Meanwhile, the "Sweet but Psycho" hitmaker recently performed a string of shows in North America and explained that she often feels "more comfortable" on the road than at home but always has to carve out time for herself before a performance.

Speaking on "The Kelly Clarkson Show", she added, "I did all kinds of shows in the US and it was so cool just doing night after night. It is weird. In the pandemic, I was stuck at home and I was like 'How am I going to connect?' I do a lot of stuff but I always have Ava time carved out right before I perform."

"So everyone is putting my wires on, my mic pack and everything and then I have to have two minutes to myself where I meditate and close my eyes so I can remember my name and what I'm singing. I really thrive through the chaos so I'm actually more comfortable on tour [than at home] but I still need my Ava time carved in."

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