Dylan O'Brien's GF Rachael Lange Faces Backlash After Anti-Taylor Swift and Racist Posts Resurface

The SKIMS model and the girlfriend of the 'Maze Runner' actor lands in hot water after her old 'Taylor Swift is a w****e' tweet and other racist and pedophilic posts emerge.

AceShowbiz - Dylan O'Brien's girlfriend Rachael Lange faces intense backlash on social media. The SKIMS model has landed in hot water after her old anti-Taylor Swift and racist tweets resurfaced.

Rachael came under fire after Dylan seemingly confirmed their relationship on Thursday, January 19. Soon after news of their romance broke, fans were quick to take a look at Rachael's social media profiles, including her Twitter.

They then found some of Rachael's old tweets. In 2013, Rachael wrote, "I hate Taylor swift." Then in 2016, she tweeted, "Never date a girl that plays ANY Taylor swift," and, "Taylor swift is a w****e."

Aside from her anti-Taylor tweets, fans noticed some of Rachael's racist, homo/transphobic and pedophilic posts. She often used the word "n***a" in her tweets and in September 2013, she wrote, "I'm literally such a pedophile oh my gosh." In a separate post, she even confessed, "I have various pictures of small black children on my phone."

After catching heat with her old tweets, Rachael set her Twitter account private on Friday. Then on Sunday, she made her page accessible to the public again but her old problematic posts were gone.

However, that didn't stop critics from calling her out. "Soooo we are going to address the pe/do tweets or are you gonna keep deleting everything?" one Twitter user replied to her latest tweet. Another added, "Deleted all your racist tweets I see?" Someone else said, "You're disgusting. You're still a racist no matter how much you try to hide it." A different person posted, "I hope dylan leaves you and you get canceled you racist b***h."

"Why can't people just acknowledge their mistakes and apologize??? I don't get it," another social media critic wondered. Someone stressed, "She needs to apologize because going private isn't gonna do nothing."

Prior to the controversy, Rachael and Dylan were seen out and about at Paris Fashion Week together. During the outing, the so-called couple was caught holding hands as they attended the AIM fashion show while visiting the City of Love.

The pair coordinated for the event, both rocking camel-colored coats over black sweaters and dark pants. "The Maze Runner" actor kept his look casual with white sneakers while Rachael, for her part, donned black leather knee-high boots.

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