DaniLeigh Expresses Frustration After Her Bag With Jewelry Is Missing at Airport

The 28-year-old 'Yellowbone' singer reveals to her Twitter followers that her bag, which has over 30K worth of jewelry, clothing and others, is missing from the airport.

AceShowbiz - DaniLeigh' latest traveling ended with an issue. On Monday, January 16, the "Yellowbone" singer revealed to her Twitter followers that her bag, which had her precious belongings, is missing from the airport.

Tagging United Airlines, the singer tweeted, "Yesterday I was told my bag was scanned and arrived in Denver … but I never received! I had over 30k worth of clothing / JEWELRY / purses / shoes etc in there." She then added, "Can u guys help me ??? I seen all the bags come up from the ramp. Where is my bag."

After the tweet was reposted by The Shade Room, fans and a fellow celebrities chimed in with solution or just sharing similar situation. "Damn y'all remember this happened to me I still gotta give up for IG y'all helped me get my bag back y'all definitely good for sum….," [ Lee] wrote in a comment.

A fan, meanwhile, noted that Dani shouldn't have revealed what was inside the bag. "maam saying its 30k worth pf items aint 'helping' put a Air Tag in your luggage for expensive items like that," the person said. "Yeah broadcast your bag had 30K worth stuff inside that's really gonna help you get it back. Could've just sent them a email lol," another fan opined.

Similarly, one other fan penned, "I wouldn't have said this out loud. Someone would be happy to keep her bag and not give it back." Another user commented, "Who broadcasts their lost luggage have 30K worth of items in it??? I can't with people."

Instead of further blaming Dani, some other fans did come up with tips. "Y'all better get your apple AirTags for ya bag and quit checking jewelry sis knows that goes in her carryon," one person noted. Giving similar tips, someone shared, "Word of advice: never put your valuables in your checked bag. Always in your carry-on!"

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