Coi Leray Hits Back at Body-Shamers: 'I'm Sample Sized!'

Fans immediately rally behind Coi with someone applauding the 'TWINNEM' femcee for her response as saying, 'This is how every woman is suppose to feel about her body.'

AceShowbiz - Coi Leray responded to people who said something bad about her body. Taking to her Twitter account, the "TWINNEM" femcee hit back at body-shamers calling her "skinny."

"Skinny ? B***h I'm sample sized !!!" the raptress wrote to her followers on Thursday, December 15. "Fresh off the runway size !!! Ittee bitty committee size !!! Take ya N***a and give him back size , wear a shirt no bra size what chu sayyyyyyingggg it's 2023 we gonna keep doing this????"

Fans immediately rallied behind Coi upon learning of the tweet. "I'm just wandering who tf these people are calling you skinny like it's an insult… a lot of n***as out here want them some Coi," one fan replied. "Coi we love skinny women on our side! little booty jiggle ,an she sexxi doe/ a real n***a prerogative Coi Cuzz let me know," someone else added.

"People are going to hate no matter what you can't make everyone happy with what you bring. But it doesn't matter. the only that matters is how you feel about you at the end of the day. Stay blessed," another user showed support to Coi. Someone else continued, "Idgaf how skinny you is, you fly and sexy asf! Fun sized mami wusgud?"

Some users on Instagram also applauded Coi for her response. "I love how she loves her body! This is how every woman is suppose to feel about her body… big or small," one commented. yes im a skinny girl and im not just saying this bc i am but she def gives us hope out here she's super talented and can move her bodyyyy. we love to see it," someone else added.

However, one person suggested Coi to stop talking about her own body. "Girl you are beautiful. But it seems at this point you are the one constantly bringing up how skinny you are. people have bullied you about your weight, but youre cyber bullying yourself and making how skinny you are the only narrative about you. Let your talent and beauty shine," the individual said.

Coi isn't stranger to hitting back at haters. Back in October, the femcee addressed the backlash from naysayers after her debut album "Trendsetter" sold 11K units in its first week. "They try to s**t on my album. My album's about to be gold. Let it be gold and you got to let them know," she said during her appearance on Amazon Music's "Bars and Nuggets" podcast.

She added, "You got to champion you. They said the first week it sold 11,000 sales. It's so crazy, because out of all the albums that drop, nobody like, goes viral like that."

The daughter of Benzino then demanded people to respect her. "I keep their lights on, they keep my lights on. I don't mind the blogs doing whatever they gotta do, right? But y'all gonna respect me," she continued. "Y'all gonna appreciate me. They try to knock you down and really try to poke you. And it's better when you poke at them."

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