Sharon Stone Takes in Son's Friend After the Boy Is Left Alone Following His Father's Death

The 'Basic Instinct' actress reportedly has a new addition to her family after taking in her son Roan's best friend who lost his father during Covid-19 pandemic.

AceShowbiz - Sharon Stone has reportedly taken in her son's best friend following the death of his father. The "Basic Instinct" actress has three adopted children and she is now said to have added a fourth boy to her brood after her 22-year-old son Roan's pal was struck by tragedy and left all alone in the world.

"This happened around a year ago and she has kept it pretty quiet. The kid is inseparable from her son Roan and they all live together as a family now, in her big place ... It's great for Roan because they are best friends and she loves to have a big family around her," a source told the Daily Mail newspaper's Alison Boshoff column.

The insider added of the move, "[Sharon] says that he is her 'adopted son' - that's the way she describes him and that's her commitment, although I am not sure whether steps have been taken to formalise it legally yet."

The 64-year-old movie star is believed to have opened up about her kind gesture during a recent appearance at a film festival, revealing the boy's dad suffered from Parkinson's and he looked after him for more than a decade prior to his death.

According to the Daily Mail, Sharon said, "My oldest boy's very best friend, from when he was little, had a single parent - who had Parkinson's - and who he took care of for 12 years, until his father died during COVID. And so he was suddenly alone ... and I took him in. So now I have four boys."

Sharon adopted her eldest son Roan in 2000 during her marriage to Phil Bronstein after suffering a number of devastating miscarriages. After the end of the marriage in 2004, Sharon went on to adopt her second son Laird in 2005 and a third boy named Quinn in 2006.

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