Natalie Nunn Rants Against Chrisean Rock for Slapping Her During IG Live

The girlfriend of Blueface slaps the 'Baddies South' executive producer during an Instagram Live after she admitted to feeling disrespected during the live stream.

AceShowbiz - Natalie Nunn was furious after Chrisean Rock slapped her during an Instagram Live. After things turned south during the Tuesday, December 6 live stream, the "Baddies South" executive producer ripped Blueface's on-and-off girlfriend on her Instagram Story.

"U will not I repeat disrespect me on my white momma that you keep saying is WHITE SHES PUERTO RICAN 100% b***h. U and ur bulls**t can get the f**k off my s**t !!!!!!!" Natalie fumed. "Childish even at 23 I was a real rich a** b***h the f**k."

"U JUST F**KED UP BUT made me some more f**king money," the reality TV star further argued. "DONT EVER PUT UR HANDS ON ME EVER."

During the Instagram Live with Natalie and other women, Chrisean admitted to feeling disrespected. "I come out here because I'm enjoying myself with all these girls because they're cool as s*** and I'm f**king with everybody, but soon as I feel disrespected..." she said before Natalie Nunn interjected.

"It's annoying because I didn't come here to fight," and if I'm fighting you gon' be real upset 'cause when I'm riding I'm sliding," Chrisean continued. The other women, meanwhile, began singing his 2021 song "Vibe" to brighten the mood.

Natalie did not stop talking though, prompting Chrisean to put her hands on the former. Feeling shocked, Natalie asked, "Why you smacked me in my face like that... Why the f*** you smacked me in my face like that bro? No, my n***a what?"

It looks like Chrisean didn't regret slapping Natalie. Following the altercation, she wrote on Twitter, "Tell me why I'm just dat person to just not give a f**k but if I gotta slap you I will respectfully will."

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